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Toilet waste connectors

  • McApline brand carries a strong reputation for quality and reliability
  • Made of smooth durable polypropylene, which is long lasting and easy to clean
  • Can be trimmed to suit any installation by cutting the shaft and repositioning the finned outlet
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Compression Fittings

  • Joint can be taken apart and remade without affecting their performance
  • Possibly some spares to leave in toolbox for future installations
  • Closely sealed, fastened and fitted so that no water passes through, reducing leaks and spillages in comparison to threaded fittings
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End Feed

  • Easy to install
  • Versatile and adaptable to suit a range of plumbing applications
  • Provides a robust and leak-free system, when installed correctly
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Flexi Hoses

  • Ideal for installations that are limited in size and space, for example tap feeds
  • Quick and easy for installers to connect or disconnect fittings
  • Making it easy and hassle-free and enables use for future applications
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Isolating Valves

  • A flat head screwdriver makes it easy for installers and end users to operate
  • When installed allows isolation prior to servicing equipment
  • This offers a full package to installers and also allows some spares to leave in toolbox for future installations
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Solvent Welds

  • A leading brand with a strong reputation for quality and reliability
  • Provides up to 55 joints per tub of solvent cement
  • An extensive range of fittings to meet most installation requirements
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Push Fit

  • Flexible pipe facilitates long radius bends
  • To suit a variety of installations
  • Does not require any specialist tools or sealant
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